Create Beauty. Give Beauty.

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The Lindye Galloway Shop was created with the purpose to help build opportunity for others by simply shopping for your home

Lindye Galloway is the Owner and Creative Director of the Lindye Galloway Design Studio. As an interior design tastemaker, she delivers an effortless take on a California style that perfectly juxtaposes a tailored sophistication in a laid-back setting to her celebrity and high net-worth clientele. Her studio’s residential and commercial projects have garnered cover stories in multiple top publications.

Out of a desire to bring beauty into all homes, Lindye joined forces with her husband, Winn, to launch Lindye Galloway Shop. Now you too have access to the type of items found in her Design Studio’s high-end projects. The Shop’s custom furniture and curated selection of Lindye’s favorite textiles, furniture, and accessories from around the world are here to help bring your dream home to life.

The Lindye Galloway Shop was also created with the purpose to help build opportunity for others by simply shopping for your home…


A little about the heart behind the Lindye Galloway Shop…

It didn’t start with the idea of a shop. In fact, it was a completely different idea that propelled us into this. In September of 2019, we started to ask ourselves how we could do more. We realized we were given opportunities that many around the world may never get.

But what if they could? What if we could help use our opportunities to build theirs? What if, by simply creating a beautiful home for you and your family, you could help others around the globe take a step towards those same opportunities? What if we were able to bridge the gap, all with a simple purchase?

That is why a portion of your purchase will be donated to our non-profit partner who provides micro-loans to innovative people around the world: Because we believe every emerging entrepreneur deserves the opportunity to build something beautiful regardless of where they’re from.

By simply creating a beautiful home, we believe that you -that we- can play a role in making the world more just…where economic opportunity isn’t limited to a few, but available to many. Where people can build a better future for their families…and in turn create opportunities for their neighbors.

Join us in the journey to Create Beauty. Give Beauty.


At our core, Winn and I believe in people. We all have the ability to create something beautiful if given the chance. And we feel that entrepreneurship has the unique ability to empower a person to imagine a better life for not only themselves, but their community too.

A portion of shop sales will be donated to a global non-profit partner specializing in providing microfinancing to dreamers and doers in impoverished and underserved areas around the globe.

These lump sum payments are often small in nature, but big in impact, and allow those who would be otherwise shut out of banking a way to fund their business ideas. In addition to the loans, our non-profit partner provides each recipient with community-based mentors, business coaching, and financial tools (like savings accounts) for wraparound support. This approach helps to create more resilient and self-sufficient local communities well beyond the life of the initial loan.