built to last generations, not seasons

We use high-quality white oak in all our products. This isn't just your everyday white oak - we work with rift and quarter sawn white oak that has no red or yellow tones. We find the best grain and use only the best finish.

We use down-wrapped trillium foam so our cushions will stay soft and comfortable for years to come. We use high-performance fabrics that are both fade and stain resistant. Our furniture can withstand all that life can throw at you.

How do we know these materials are really worth it? We test them ourselves! Our home is filled with furniture from our shop so we know what works and what needs improving.


Innovative design built on timeless principles

We take the high-end, avant-garde designs that are the hallmark of our design studio and apply them to our custom furniture pieces. These innovative designs are leading and inspiring the design industry with unique details and beautiful craftsmanship. Our designers are meticulous about every detail. We don’t rush the process - we take the time we need to create the best products possible. We are thoughtful and intentional about our design process, so you won’t find our pieces fading with the seasons.


Bringing authenticity back to home interiors

We are a small business creating small-batch collections focused on innovation and quality. You can only find these pieces at our shop -- nowhere else! And don't worry, you won’t see these pieces in any of your neighbors' homes (well, unless you are our neighbor). These pieces will make your home feel truly unique. A little piece of our studio built just for you.